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Hot Homey

Hot Homey Dish Soap Block 5 pcs Pack

Hot Homey Dish Soap Block 5 pcs Pack

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The Hot Homey Washing Bundle, Eco-Friendly Solid Dish Soap Block, Bamboo Soap Tray, Hand Scrubber, Cellulose & Coconut Sponge, and Compressed Sponge

Dish Soap Block: The Dish block soap is not only gentle on your dishes but also on the environment. The solid form eliminates the need for plastic packaging, making it a more sustainable option compared to traditional liquid dishwashing soap.

Bamboo Soap Tray: The bamboo soap dish is made of 100% quality natural bamboo, durable and not easy to damage. This bamboo soap holder is ideal for showers, bathrooms, kitchens, bathtubs, and countertops.

Hand Scrubber: Hand scrubber made for cleaning pots and pans. Contains sisal making the bristles softer. This scrubber is 100% compostable.

Eco Sponge: Our coconut and cellulose sponge does not scratch and works well on cleaning grease and hard grime.

Compressed Sponge: Our compressed sponge does not scratch and works well on cleaning grease and hard grime.

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