Good for you, good for your family, and Good for the planet

Good for you, good for your family, and Good for the planet

Hot Homey is a brand under Benols Enterprise Inc. and was founded by Stella Benson. Before Stella started Hot Homey She spent four years in the banking system watching inspiring entrepreneurs actualize their dreams. Stella was inspired to take charge of her life and career.

"We, as women are taught to follow a certain path, prioritize others, and find security, but at that moment, I decided to take a risk and find my own path, and that's how Benols Enterprise Inc. was created."

Stella decided to take a leap of faith and create a sustainable living brand.

"Like many other businesses, Covid-19 changed my perception and understanding of business and consumption. Facing this monumental health crisis as a mother, wife and business owner was one of the hardest things I had to face."

So she made a conscious decision to bring positive change to the world and her community. Stella's vision for Hot Homey is to lessen the impact of plastic waste and focus on sustainable living. Hot Homey makes a difference by using all-natural materials and plant-based products. Whether it be using single-use plastic bags or non-disposable sponges, it makes a huge difference to our planet. Therefore, Hot Homey creates practical and eco-friendly products for your family and for the planet.

"We are one planet, one body"

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